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Daniel Etiaka

Daniel Etiaka, a seasoned business enthusiast. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for innovation, he has made significant contributions to various industries.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Madani Consults, a leading hospitality management and consulting company, and Leinard Ventures, a diversified company focusing on agriculture, livestock farming, food processing, real estate, and general contracts, Daniel has successfully led numerous projects and initiatives. 


With a deep passion for the hospitality industry, Daniel Etiaka founded SwiftEntry, a groundbreaking venture that is researching technology that offers mobile check-in and keyless entry services to the Nigerian hospitality sector. Through SwiftEntry, he aims to revolutionize the check-in process, enhance guest experiences, and optimize operational efficiency for hotels worldwide.


Daniel's expertise extends beyond business development and hospitality. He is a skilled project manager, adept at overseeing complex projects from inception to successful completion. His strong leadership and strategic thinking have consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients and partners.


In addition to his professional ventures, Daniel Etiaka actively conducts research on the Nigerian hospitality industry. His studies and insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and industry advancements have provided valuable guidance to stakeholders in the sector. Daniel's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments allows him to offer innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the hospitality market.

Favourites Quotes from Daniel

Success in business is built on a foundation of trust, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence."

"The key to success lies in understanding the needs of your customers and exceeding their expectations."

"In a rapidly evolving industry like hospitality, embracing technology and embracing change are essential for staying ahead."

"Hospitality is not just about providing a service; it's about creating unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression."

"A strong business is built on strong relationships - with customers, partners, and employees."

"Strive for continuous improvement, embrace new ideas, and never settle for mediocrity."

"Success is not a destination; it's a journey of constant growth and learning."

"The true measure of success is not just financial gain, but the positive impact you make on people's lives."

"Innovation is the lifeblood of business. Embrace change, adapt, and seize opportunities."

"Hospitality is an art that requires a delicate balance of efficiency, personalization, and genuine care."