Educational Background

Daniel Etiaka is an experienced business executive with Madani Consults. He holds an MBA in project management from the prestigious Business School of the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom. His studies encompassed essential areas such as Strategic Management Research, Financial Management and Analysis, Operations and Business Analytics, Strategic Marketing Planning and Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management. These comprehensive modules have equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills for an executive career and continuous professional development.

Business Interests.

Daniel has a diverse range of business interests that revolve around the hospitality industry. His expertise lies in hospitality consulting, where he offers valuable insights and guidance to businesses in the sector. Additionally, his passion for technology has led him to researching hospitality tech development, focusing on innovative solutions that streamline operations and enhance guest experiences. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Daniel also prioritizes business practices that promote environmental responsibility and long-term viability. Overall, his multifaceted interests encompass hospitality consulting, hospitality tech development, hospitality real estate, business sustainability, and elevating the guest experience.

Ongoing Research

My ongoing business research in hospitality access control and visitor management systems is driven by a desire to address industry challenges and improve operational efficiency. Through extensive market analysis and in-depth understanding of the evolving needs of the hospitality sector, I aim to develop innovative solutions that enhance security, streamline access control processes, and elevate the visitor experience. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends, my research endeavors seek to create robust systems that enable seamless check-in processes, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive reporting. My committment to excellence and dedication to enhancing guest satisfaction make this research instrumental in shaping the future of hospitality access control and visitor management systems.